Now you’ve purchased your brand new SEAT or Mazda, wouldn’t you like to keep it looking perfect for as long as possible? Using Carbon Shield Technology™, LifeShine creates a barrier to exposures from weather, traffic, detergents and even salt in the winter to keep your car looking perfect for as long as possible!

And LifeShine doesn’t just protect your exterior, but by using it on seats and other upholstery it will create a sealant from spills and stains so you can simply wipe the fabric clean, keeping the interior of your car safe from any moisture. LifeShine coats each strand of the fabric with a protective layer which leaves spills on the surface, rather than seeping into your seats and carpet and allowing you to easily wipe the spill clean.

Another huge benefit of LifeShine is how it repels rain and road spray, leaving your windows clean and clear for improved visibility. This makes driving in the rough Irish weather much safer and easier, allowing you to see where you’re going in heavy rain.

Have a look at how LifeShine can protect your new car in the video below:

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